About User Account...

It is possible to open a user account in the digital library.
Such an account entitles one to make use of additional functions.

Registered users obtain:
  1. Functions available after choosing a particular publication:
    • "Rate this edition" – the possibility of adding a positive or a negative rating. The ratings are summed up in the information section;
    • "Add to favourites" – adding the publication to the Favourites. Favourites can be accessed from the user’s profile;
    • "Tagging" – adding private keywords to publications. The keywords are seen only by the owner of the profile;
    • "Tell a Friend" – recommending a publication via e-mail;
    • "Suggest keywords..." – suggesting additional keywords which describe a publication. After being accepted by the administrator, the word will be added to the publication’s description.
  2. Functions available in the reader’s profile (tab “ACCOUNT”):
    • "Favourite publications" – shows the list of favourite publications;
    • "Your keywords" – the list of suggested keywords;
    • "Subscriptions" – notifications about new publications via e-mail.

You are invited to open an account and fully explore the possibilities of the digital library.

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